Domaine de Baccari is an exceptional land reenchanted by the work of women and men passionate by vines and wine. Our team combines international experience of techniques and management with wine-producing know-how and expertise, in close collaboration with local skills.

Lengthy groundwork was carried out on the vines and the soil before the first Domaine vintage was presented in 2013. The size of the vineyard and its architecture were readapted to new production objectives, the soil brought back to life after eliminating herbicides and insecticides, compost added and a strategy adapted to growing grass and farming.

Such uncompromising work has helped the vines find, once again, a balance on a living soil where they are deeply rooted.

Wine-making intervenes little, in respect of the fruit.

Grapes, handpicked and cooled overnight in a dedicated cold room, are sorted manually before being mechanically deseeded maintaining the berry’s integrity. The wines are extracted smoothly by manual stirring, shedding and punching. The expertise of hot countries helps structure the wines as accurately as possible and adapt the ageing so that the wood gets the most out of the fruit without dominating it.

The rosé wines are obtained with cold static clarification and direct pressing before the fermentation process is launched.

The wines present a fine balance, a subtle alliance between freshness and maturity, with an aromatic sparkle, fine tannins and for reds, great lay-down potential. Every stage of production, from planting to vinification and ageing is carried out in close collaboration with the Derenoncourt Consultants team.

The partnership between Derenoncourt Consultants and Domaine de Baccari is the result of an encounter and the bonds of friendship built between Stéphane Derenoncourt and the owners of the Domain, but also by the fact that it was love at first sight when he first visited the site. “When I saw the beauty of the landscapes, the setting at altitude and especially the qualitative potential of the soil, my mind was made up immediately and I accepted this project”.