Nahla The soul of the Domain

The story of a chance meeting with this land and a beautiful human adventure written by Nahla every day with discipline and passion

Stephane Derenoncourt

The Domain’s alchemist

A spirited mind and man of character, Stéphane has worked, observed, tasted and discovered all the symbolic power and taste-sensitivity of vines and wine

Romain Bocchio

The passionate winegrower

Passionate by the diversity of terroirs (soil and terrain), by wine-growing escapades, Romain strives to combine wine flavors and their links to the land.

david picci

Mister terroir

Defender of the ecosystem, David is an ardent ambassador for sustainability, with a permanent concern for the soil and plants.

Yassine Dahour

The talented crop chief

Knowing the Moroccan terroir like the back of his hand, Yassine infuses all his knowledge and experience into the Domain’s plantations

Ahmed Jeddah

The devoted cellar master

A cellar professional, Ahmed makes no compromises when it comes to hygiene or inspections

Saïd Ouhmad

The meticulous clerk

Tenacious and dedicated, Saïd has a fine understanding of the administrative machinery.

Abdelouhab ameziane

The generous dowser

In charge of making sure the Domain’s irrigation system runs smoothly, Abdelouahab knows just when to water the vine.


Le Brillant Tractoriste

Jamal takes care of day to day servicing and maintenance of the Domain’s vehicules and machinery.