Close to Meknes, at the heart of Morocco’s winegrowing region since antiquity, Domaine de Baccari is located in a serene setting with hilly terrain and natural beauty.

At an altitude of 650m, Domaine de Baccari nestles on the foothills of the Middle Atlas mountain range. It sits on fine, red clay and a soft limestone undersoil. The combination of this generous country and a sunny, if cool, climate produces a soil ideal for growing wine with a strong identity.

For the sake of biodiversity, we also grow cereals, almond trees and olive trees; the Meknes region is widely known for its famous olive oil and almonds.

The winery operates by applying sustainable agriculture methods, respectful of the land, plants, the environment and people, with the aim being to produce high-end Moroccan wines which meet the highest international standards.

The Domain’s grape variety is composed of Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Cabernet Franc for red wines, Cinsault and Grenache for rosé. The Cabernet Franc has shown itself to be perfectly suited to the soil and the production of balanced, delicate, fresh and complex wines. This grape variety, emblematic of limestone soils, perfectly matches the desired style of wine.